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This is an X-Plane plugin and an iPhone app that lets you use the iPhone as a remote control yoke/joystick for X-Plane.

The X-Plane plugin acts as a server, to which the iPhone app sends commands. This is currently implemented simply as a UDP socket with no verification or connection acknowledgement.


Please note that the iPhone app (in the ios-app directory) and the X-Plane plugin are under two different open-source licenses.

The iPhone app is licensed under the MIT license. See the file ios-app/License.txt for the full license.

The X-Plane plugin is licensed under the GPL. See the file xplane-plugin/GPL.txt for the full license.

The X-Plane plugin also includes 3rd party code under separate licenses:

  • bsd-strlcat.c copyright 1998 Todd C. Miller. See that file for license info.
  • Code from WidgetLibraryExample copyright 2005 Sandy Barbour and Ben Supnik. See the file 'Third Party/license.txt' for license info. This library is currently available online at http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/mediawiki/XPWidgetsLibEx



  • Center and bounds ideas:
    • Two-finger drag for additional axes, e.g. 3-D cockpit panning.
    • Double-tap to re-center, or for tilt, set tilt center.
    • Double-tap to set current value as the tilt center?
    • Null-zone
  • Change color/sound to alert when tilt exceeds tracking bounds.
  • Auditory feedback of tap-drag for better blind interaction.
  • Eye candy: background images, pulsating trackpad dot...etc.
  • Landscape mode with multiple trackpads or buttons -- maybe something like the AR Drone Free Flight app.


  • Make server update on every flight loop instead of a fixed rate (20Hz)?
  • Auto-coordinate roll+yaw should move nosewheel steering more.
  • Send instrument readings back to iPhone for display?
  • Bonjour/zeroconf