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TextExpander to Alfred 3

This tool is now available as a web app:

You can, of course, still use the CLI tool, both will give the same result. But the web version will be much quicker, easier and better suited for people unfamiliar with Node.


With TextExpander changing its business model, the new Alfred version supporting text replacement, and the general wish to use the smallest number of different apps, I wrote this script to convert the .textexpander files to .alfredsnippets files.

TextExpander uses a plist with all the entries in an array, and Alfred uses a ZIP file containing a JSON file for each snippet.


I recommend you to do

npm install -g textexpander-to-alfred3

But you can, of course, do whatever you want.


First, you'll have to export your TextExpander snippets. To do that, just right click on a snippet folder and select Save a Copy of Group.

Then, you just have to run the program with the .textexpander file as the only argument. It will then put a .alfredsnippets file in your current working directory. Open that file with Alfred to load the snippets.

For example:

textexpander-to-alfred3 Signatures.textexpander
> Wrote file /Users/You/Signatures.alfredsnippets

You can also use te2a3 instead with the same result:

te2a3 Signatures.textexpander
> Wrote file /Users/You/Signatures.alfredsnippets