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Releases: daniele-salvagni/color-goggles

Color-Goggles v1.0.1

27 Jan 18:15
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  • Saturation fix for a small subset of devices (apply to secondary devices differently).
    It is still not possible to change the saturation via HDMI, this is a problem that Intel has to fix.
  • Remove experimental tag from saturation limit removal.
  • Fix tray icon related bugs:
    • Minimize to tray on autostart
    • Show window on tray icon double-click

Color-Goggles v1.0.0

09 Jan 22:32
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  • Complete application rewrite.
  • Intel saturation limits removal (experimental, from 100% to 320%).
  • Fixed bug preventing autostart to be disabled permanently.
  • Added feature to automatically check for updates.

Color-Goggles v0.2.1b

24 Dec 21:57
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Color-Goggles v0.2.1b Pre-release
  • Fix autostart bug (igfxDHLib.dll not found error).

Color-Goggles v0.2.0b

30 Nov 00:18
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Color-Goggles v0.2.0b Pre-release
  • Fix crashes for devices with different igfx versions, it should now be stable on most supported devices.
  • Add UI support for high DPI displays.
  • Add new installation instructions, which will be necessary from the time being.

New installation instructions

  • Download and extract the .zip
  • Open C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository and do a search for a file named igfxDHLib.dll
  • Copy igfxDHLib.dll in the same folder as ColorGoggles.exe

You have to do this because there are multiple versions of igfxDHLib.dll (they are all marked as but are different), so I cannot embed the interop types in the .exe nor prepackage it with my DLL as it wouldn't work in most cases.

Color-Goggles v0.1.0b

18 Apr 22:58
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Color-Goggles v0.1.0b Pre-release

First beta pre-release. Tested only on a single device (Intel HD 4000), expect this to crash.