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{{ bcConnected ? 'Connected' : 'Not Connected' }}
// importing common function
import mixin from '../libs/mixinViews';
export default {
mixins: [mixin],
data() {
return {
tmoConn: null, // contain the intervalID given by setInterval
tmoReg: null, // contain the intervalID given by setInterval
connectedClass: 'text-danger', // bootstrap class for the connection status (red when not connected, green when connected)
userIsRegistered: false, // true when the user that is visiting the page is registered
methods: {
* It checks if the visiting user is regitered calling every 500ms the function isRegistered
* from the smart contract until the connection with the smart contract is established.
checkUserIsRegistered() {
this.tmoConn = setInterval(() => {
// checking first if the connection with the blockchain is established
if (this.blockchainIsConnected()) {
// stopping the setInterval
// showing the connected message on the top bar and setting the class too
this.connectedClass = 'text-success';
.then(res => this.userIsRegistered = res)
.catch(error => console.log(error));
}, 500);
* Check if the user is registered calling the function of the smart contract isRegistered.
* This function is used when the user is signing up.
* The difference with the previous function is:
* - the function checkUserIsRegistered tries to check if the user is registered
* until the connection with the blockchain is established.
* - the function checkUntilUserIsRegistered tries to check if the user is registered
* until the user is registered.
* NOTE: in order to check if the user has been registered successfully the function has to check
* several time because the block can take several minutes in order to be mined (depending on the
* configuration of the blockchain you are using).
checkUntilUserIsRegistered() {
this.tmoReg = setInterval(() => {
if (this.blockchainIsConnected()) {
.then((error, res) => {
if (res) {
// stopping the setInterval
this.userIsRegistered = res;
.catch(error => console.log(error))
}, 1000);
created() {
// when the event userregistered is fired (from the view Register.vue)
// it runs the function checkUntilUserIsRegistered
Event.$on('userregistered', this.checkUntilUserIsRegistered);