Drag and drop file uploads for any file input - degrades gracefully!
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This plugin allows you to add drag+drop functionality to any file upload input with support for multiple files. Degrades gracefully for browsers that don't support this functionality.

Include the plugin JS and CSS files in your page. Call the following on your page:

	'uploadUrl'		 : '/upload',
	'uploaded'		 : function(resp) { },
	'dropClass' 	 : 'file-drop',
	'dropHoverClass' : 'file-drop-hover',
	'defaultText'  	 : 'Drop your files here!',
	'hoverText'		 : 'Let go to upload!'	

	uploadUrl: URL where the files should be POST'ed to,
	uploaded: Callback function that is fired when the files have been uploaded,
	dropClass: The default class to apply to the drop area,
	dropHoverClass: The class to apply to the drop area when dragging a file over it,
	defaultText: Default text to show in the drop area,
	hoverText: Text to show in the drop area when dragging a file over it

Let me know if you have any problems!


Arron Bailiss