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sven is a django app (1.6) which easily integrate text analysis with pattern with a powerful corpus management.

installing sven

Welcome to our (twenty)three minutes install! All you need is a terminal, virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper and a good knowledge of a Django structure. That's it. For development purpose, node and grunt-cli should be installed - cfr troubleshooting part below.

cd ~/path/to
git clone
cd ~/path/to/sven
cp sven/ sven/

modify it according to your own configutation: provide your python interpreter absolute path for the sven virtualenv. This interpreter will be used by sven custom management command.

PYTHON_INTERPRETER = '/Users/daniele/.virtualenvs/sven/bin/python'

if you're going to use a sqlite database (a light and fast alternative), you need to create a specific directory to hold the sqlite file. Then give adequate permissions access to both sqlite file and its parent directory.

cd ~/path/to/sven
mkvirtualenv sven
workon sven

install all dependencies

(sven) pip install -r requirements.txt

install submodules

(sven) git submodule init
(sven) git submodule update

Create missing folders and check folder permission (Ubuntu/OSx)

cd ~/path/to/sven
sudo mkdir media logs
sudo chown -R lime:www-data media
sudo chmod -R g+ws media
sudo chown -R lime:www-data logs
sudo chmod -R g+ws logs

then sync and test.

(sven) python syncdb
(sven) python test

install the javascript client dependencies:

(sven) npm install -g bower
(sven) npm install -g grunt-cli
(sven) cd ~/path/to/sven
(sven) cd client
(sven) npm install
(sven) bower install

If everything is ok you can start deploying the django server (for test purposes only!)

python runserver

Normally a development version of sven would now be running under localhost:8000

Installation issues on UBUNTU

Please check that python-lxml is installed.

sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev python-dev
sudo apt-get install python-lxml

Installation issues MacOs with MySQL

brew install mysql export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin workon sven (sven) pip install MySQL-Python

Production environment

Note: sven hasn't been tested on a production environment.

cd path/to/sven workon sven python collectstatic

Note on sven structure

./client contains all the js and stylesheet used by Sven and it is the result of scaffolding with yo angular-generator. ./sven/management/commands/ is the unique python script file responsible for the text analysis. All the other commands are testing playgrounds['%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S', # '2006-10-25 14:30:59' '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M', # '2006-10-25 14:30' '%Y-%m-%d', # '2006-10-25' '%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S', # '10/25/2006 14:30:59' '%m/%d/%Y %H:%M', # '10/25/2006 14:30' '%m/%d/%Y', # '10/25/2006' '%m/%d/%y %H:%M:%S', # '10/25/06 14:30:59' '%m/%d/%y %H:%M', # '10/25/06 14:30' '%m/%d/%y']