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Let users control your Vue app using AI, their camera, and gestures of their choice in just 1 line of HTML!

Demo and full documentation


npm i vue-camera-gestures --save

Register the component globally

import CameraGestures from 'vue-camera-gestures'
import 'vue-camera-gestures/dist/style.css'

app.component('camera-gestures', CameraGestures)

Getting Started

<camera-gestures @fancyGesture="doSomething()"></camera-gestures>

This will prompt the user to train and verify a 'Fancy Gesture'. When they perform this gesture the doSomething() method will be called.

The name and number of the events is completely configurable - subscribe to as many as you need.

To find out how to customize the component further, check out the docs.

Vue Support

vue-camera-gestures 1.x supports Vue 2 and the source code is in the v1-vue2 branch. Find the docs here vue-camera-gestures 2.x supports Vue 3 and the source code is in the master branch. Find the docs here