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This is an interactive implementation of the tv show Who wants to be a Billionaire?

Questions are placed as a js object in the index.html file.


KEYS to control the app:

  • [RIGHT ARROW] Next step or question
  • [DOWN ARROW] Show next answer
  • [A,B,C,D] Highlight selected option
  • [Y] Mark selected answer as correct
  • [N] Mark selected answer as wrong
  • [F] Switch between camera and static background image
  • [P] Psycho mode: flashing camera

After an answer is set to wrong, another one can be selected if desired. ##Questions structure Sample question: { question: "Chi era il primo ministro italiano nel lontano 1994?", options: [ "Silvio", "Berlusconi", "Silvio Berlusconi Berlusconi Berlusconi Berlusconi Berlusconi", "Il Cavaliere" ], image:"img/logo.png" }

##Additional infos

The image parameter can be omitted.

Will update this README with new features. There already are some still undocumented features, I hope to find the time to document them soon.

See index.html for an example data and library init.