A simple framework to correctly write business logic in Delphi "RAD style" applications.
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WARNING! The Official Repository of columbusegg4delphi is here.

ColumbusEgg4Delphi is...

  • A simple to use Delphi framework to correctly write business logic in Delphi "RAD style" applications.
  • Based on Table Module design pattern but adapted to be Delphi friendly and dataset centric.
  • Provides all the good alternatives to do the common Delphi practices which makes your application hard to test, in a testable way.
  • Provides observers and listeners to avoid all the business logic code in your form.
  • Retain almost all the good of Delphi RAD.
  • Developed by bit Time Professionals.

Why ColumbusEgg4Delphi?

  • Forms and datamodules are free of Business Logic code.
  • Provides a single point for the BL code
  • You can do unit tests; Business Logic can be unit tested using in-memory datasets.
  • You can still use the RAD approach to design you forms
  • If your data comes from an application server, you can fill in-memory datasets (or virtual dataset) and still use the same Business Logic.

Very Important!

  • Columbusegg4delphi can be used also in legacy applications to improve their architecture at very low cost.
    • Just create a columbus module for each dataset and move there all the events related code. It is an incremental approach; you can change it one dataset at time.