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Numbers are assigned to each letter of the alphabet, where a=1, b=2, ..., z=26. A word can then be encoded based on those numbers, so for example "apple" is encoded as "11616125". However, "11616125" can also be decoded to many other strings, such as "kfafay" (11 6 1 6 1 25) and "aafple" (1 1 6 16 12 5).
Letters are never encoded with a leading 0. So '105' only has a single valid decoding, (10 5) = 'je'. You could not decode it (1 05) = 'ae'.
Write a function that takes a string as input, such as "11616125", and returns an array of all possible decodings of that string. Here are some examples of input and correct output:
decode('105') returns array('je')
decode('2175') returns array('bage', 'bqe', 'uge')
decode('2222') returns array('bbbb','bbv','bvb','vbb','vv')
decode('0000') returns array()