Cliphp stands for *Command Line Interface for PHP* and is a framework to build scripts with PHP
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Cliphp is still under development. According to the needs of the project drastic changes might occur. Be carefull if you are updating your code.

Cliphp stands for Command Line Interface for PHP and is a framework to build scripts with PHP 5.3+

Current version: 0.1-beta (release notes)

Quick example

Create a file script.php in the scripts directory.

// The class name must be CamelCase and have the same name as the file.
class Script extends Clip {
  // Script version. Although not mandatory it useful to keep
  // track of versions.  
  const SCRIPT_VERSION = '0.0.1';
  // Configuration function. Mandatory.
  // This function will be used to set up the script by defining what options are allowed, loading libraries etc.
  // The option definition can't be done outside this function.
  protected function configure() {
  	$this->setupOpt('n', ClipOption::OPTION_REQUIRED);
  // This is the actual body of the script.
  // All the logic belonging to the script will be placed here.
  protected function execute() {
  	// Check if option was provided.
    if ($this->opt('n')->isGiven()) {
	  // Get option value.
      $name = $this->opt('n')->getValue();
	  pl('Welcome ' . $name);
	else {
      pl('Example complete');


Now run the script with:

$ php src/index.php
// Example complete

$ php src/index.php -n Daniel
// Welcome Daniel

You can find all the documentation here and some examples as well.


You are free to contribute to the project. If you find a bug and/or have a nice idea about a feature feel free to open an issue or submit your own solution. I'll be more than happy to hear your suggestions. :)


The framework testing is done using phpunit. To run the tests you just need to run phpunit in the root folder.

##License Cliphp is licensed under The MIT License (MIT), see the LICENSE file for more details.