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My personal website.
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Daniel da Silva Build Status

Version 1.2.0

My personal website. Live at

Development environment

To set up the development environment for this website, you'll need to install the following on your system:

  • Node v6 (To manage multiple node versions we recommend nvm)
  • Yarn Package manager

After these basic requirements are met, run the following commands in the website's folder:

$ yarn install

Getting started

$ yarn serve

Compiles the compass files, javascripts and generates the website which is available at http://localhost:3000/ The system will watch files and execute tasks whenever one of them changes. The site will automatically refresh since it is bundled with livereload.

The website is built from the source files in app/ and copied to dist/.

Other commands

Compile the compass files and javascripts prepared for production (minified, uglyfied). Every time changes will be pushed to production, this command needs to be run:

$ yarn build


My website is licensed under The MIT License (MIT), see the LICENSE file for more details.

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