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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Build script used to test, build and deploy django-flash using several
Python versions.
In order to test and build django-flash in these different environments,
this script requires different virtualenvs, each one targeted to a specific
Python version:
* django-flash-py2.7 - for Python 2.7
* django-flash-py2.6 - for Python 2.6
* django-flash-py2.5 - for Python 2.5
Also, each one of these virtualenvs must have the following packages
* Django (version 1.0+)
* Pysqlite (version recommended by the current Django version)
Finally, to use this script, you must install the packages below to your
default Python installation:
* Fabric 0.9+
That's it. You can now see all available targets provided by this build
script by running the command line below:
$ cd /path/to/django-flash
$ fab -l
import os
import re
import sys
from fabric.api import *
# Adds the 'src' to the Python path
sys.path += ('src',)
# Supported Python versions
env.versions = ('2.7', '2.6', '2.5')
env.default_version = env.versions[0]
# Environment info
env.project = 'django-flash'
env.virtualenv_dir = os.environ['WORKON_HOME'] or '~/.virtualenvs'
env.default_editor = os.environ['EDITOR'] or 'vi'
# Files that contain version information
env.new_version_files = (
# Information needed to build the documentation
env.sphinx_output = 'build/sphinx'
env.sphinx_latex = '%s/latex' % env.sphinx_output
env.sphinx_html = '%s/html' % env.sphinx_output
env.doc_output = 'djangoflash'
# Host where the documentation website lives
env.hosts = ['']
env.doc_folder = '/home/destaquenet/public_html'
def setup(command, version=env.default_version):
"""Executes the given setup command with a virtual Python installation.
local('%s/%s-py%s/bin/python %s' %
(env.virtualenv_dir, env.project, version, command))
def test():
"""Runs all tests in different Python versions.
for version in env.versions:
setup('test', version)
def clean():
"""Removes the build directory.
local('rm -fR build')
def build_docs():
"""Builds the documentation in PDF and HTML.
setup('build_sphinx -b latex')
local('make -C ' + env.sphinx_latex)
def zip_docs():
"""Creates a zip file with the complete documentation.
local('cp %s/%s.pdf %s' %
(env.sphinx_latex, env.project, env.sphinx_html))
local('cd %s; mv html %s; zip -r9 %s' %
((env.sphinx_output,) + (env.doc_output,)*3))
def register_pypi():
"""Register the current version on PyPI.
def deploy_src():
"""Deploy the source code to PyPI.
setup('sdist upload')
def deploy_eggs():
"""Upload Python Eggs to PyPI.
for version in env.versions:
setup('bdist_egg upload', version)
def deploy_pypi():
"""Deploys all artifacts to PyPI.
def deploy_website():
"""Deploys the documentation website.
put('%s/' %
(env.sphinx_output, env.doc_output), env.doc_folder)
run('cd %s; rm -R %s; unzip; rm' %
((env.doc_folder,) + (env.doc_output,)*3))
def deploy():
"""Deploys the application to PyPI and updates the documentation website.
def tag_new_version():
"""Updates the version number, pushing the changes and tagging afterwards.
# Checks if there are changed or untracked files
git_status_file = 'build/git_status'
local('git status > %s' % git_status_file, fail='ignore')
if'(Changed|Untracked)', file(git_status_file, 'r').read()):
print 'There are changed or untracked files. Aborting...'
# Brings up the text editor with the files to be changed
for f in env.new_version_files:
local('%s %s' % (env.default_editor, f))
# Asks for confirmation
prompt('tag_proceed', 'You are about to commit and push the version '
'changes. Continue?', default='y')
if env.tag_proceed.upper() != 'Y':
print 'Aborting...'
# Commits and tags the new release
from djangoflash import __version__
local('git commit -am "Updated version number."; git push', fail='ignore')
local('git tag -am "Tagged version %s." %s; git push --tags' %
((__version__,)*2), fail='ignore')
local('git push --tags')