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Building JsHamcrest
1. Required Software
- Unix-based Environment
- Git 1.6+ - Fast Distributed Version Control System
- Python 2.5+ - Programming Language
- Fabric 0.9+ - Build and Deployment Tool
- Sphinx 0.6+ - Documentation Generation Tool (Optional)
2. Building JsHamcrest
To see all available build targets, run the following command line:
$ fab -l
Available commands:
build Builds the final script and writes it to the disk.
clean Resets the build output directories.
doc Builds the documentation both in HTML and PDF.
doc_clean Resets the doc output directories.
doc_html Builds the HTML documentation.
doc_pdf Builds the PDF documentation."
pack Creates a minified version of the final script using the...
test Opens the test suite on a web browser.
To run one or more build targets, in the given order:
$ fab pack doc test