JsQuickStart provides a working JavaScript project that includes everything needed to create well-organized and automated JavaScript projects.
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Welcome To JsQuickStart

JsQuickStart provides a working JavaScript project that helps you get up and running as quickly as possible. It includes everything needed to create well-organized and automated JavaScript projects.

This is an open source project licenced under the terms of The BSD License and sponsored by Destaquenet Technology Solutions, a brazilian software development and consultancy startup.

Author:Daniel Fernandes Martins <daniel@destaquenet.com>
Company:Destaquenet Technology Solutions


  • Very flexible Ant-based build script, customizable via properties and/or hook targets (-pre-xxxx and -post-xxxx for most build targets);
  • Standard directory layout that keeps your code organized;
  • Configurable bundle generation;
  • Minification/compression with YUICompressor;
  • Automatic API documentation generation with JsDoc-Toolkit;
  • Easy unit testing with JsTestDriver and JsHamcrest;
  • Per mode configuration;
  • Built-in support for continuous integration;
  • Code quality inspection with JsLint4Java;
  • Cross-platform and free to use both in personal and commercial projects;

Getting Started

After download and extract the JsQuickStart archive, you end up with a working, pre-configured JavaScript project.

Build Targets

If you have already installed the required dependencies, run the following command line to display the available build targets:

$ ant -p

Running the build target:

$ ant build

You can also run several targets in a given order:

$ ant clean min doc-api

Unit Testing And Linting

To be able to run the unit tests, first you need to start up JsTestDriver in server mode. Run on a separate console window:

$ ant test-server

Then, you need to capture one or more browser instances in which to run the tests:

$ ant test-capture

By default, the previous command will start up Firefox and capture it. If you don't have Firefox, just point your favorite browser to http://localhost:4224/capture.

Now you are able to run the tests on the captured browser instances:

$ ant test

Also, you might want to occasionally check the source code against syntax errors and potential bugs with JsLint4Java:

$ ant lint

Continuous Integration Support

The following command line runs the tests and outputs XML reports which can be used to feed continuous integration systems like Hudson or CruiseControl:

$ ant ci test

The difference between ant test and ant ci test is that the former runs test in the default mode, and the latter runs test in the continuous integration mode.

Execution Modes

JsQuickStart supports the concept of per mode configuration. Currently, JsQuickStart provides two execution modes out of the box: default and ci (for continuous integration).

To run one or more targets on a given mode:

$ ant [mode] [target...]

If no mode is provided, the given targets are executed in the default mode.

Description Of Contents

Stores the build output artifacts.
Configuration files for each execution mode. These files allow you to quickly override most build options without touching XML files.
License files for all bundled dependencies.
Place to store the project documentation.
This is where the generated API documentation will be stored.
Bundled libraries for this project.
Libraries used by the build script, separated by programming language.
Libraries used by the main code, separated by programming language.
Libraries used by the test code, separated by programming language.
Internal build scripts and configuration files. These files are not meant to be changed.
Holds the project source code.
Main source code.
Unit and functional tests.
Use this file to modify or extend the build behaviour.



  1. Java Development Kit 6.0+;
  2. Apache Ant 1.7+;


  1. Ant-Contrib 1.0b3;
  2. JsDoc-Toolkit 2.3.0;
  3. JsHamcrest 0.6.1;
  4. JsLint4Java 1.3.3;
  5. JsTestDriver 1.2;
  6. YUICompressor 2.4.2;


This project is under heavy development, so things might change without any notice whatsoever.