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This is an application intended to be used with public AMI: ami-09632459eb5940a1b, but most features will work with any EC2 AMI.

The application will allow:

  • Setup AWS Api Keys and SSH PEM
  • Create users and set password
  • Connect S3 Buckets
  • Install required Applications via chocolately
  • Login via SSH
  • Launch Rstudio Server website
  • Launch JupyterHUB with JupyterLab
  • Launch x2go Remote Resktop
  • Launch WinSCP for file transfer
  • Resize EC2 but not changing architecture
  • Turn on, of and reset EC2

The AMI is based on Arch and it includes:

  • s3fs for direct interactionwith s3 Bucket
  • XFCE4
  • x2go for remote desktop
  • libreoffice
  • rsturio-server
  • JupyterHub with Jupyterlab configured with R, Julia and Python
  • Misc tools like yay, screen, wget, htop, etc...
  • configured to be passwordless

The following video will show the application and configuration:

AMI Description

The ami is intended to provide a cheap and elastic Data Science Cloud laboratory.


Most features will work the best on Windows and KDE


Build Instrucions

  • install paramiko, boto3, pandas, pyside2 and pyinstaller via pip
  • pyi-makespec --windowed --icon=ec2.ico --onefile --additional-hooks-dir=. --add-data "files/*;files"
  • pyinstaller ec2.spec