A plugin for sublime providing easy navigation to steps in Cucumber (http://cukes.info)
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Sublime Text 2/3 plugin: Cucumber Step Finder

This plugin supports Rails developers to easily navigate to their cucumber (http://cukes.info) steps.

It provides by now two commands

  • One listing all steps in the open project and letting you choose a step using the built-in mechanism for search.
  • The second one letting you jump to the corresponding step by calling the "MatchStep"-Command when standing on a step in the features file


Mac OSX (manual)

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages
git clone git://github.com/danielfrey/sublime-cucumber-step-finder.git CucumberStepFinder


Not tested yet. Contributions are welcome. If keyboard settings are provided, it should work.

Package Control

Installation through package control is recommended. It will handle updating your packages as they become available. To install, do the following.

  • In the Command Palette, enter Package Control: Install Package
  • Search for CucumberStepFinder


The default key-binding for "search" is super + y (ctrl + alt + y), respectively ctrl + super + m (ctrl + shift + m) for "match". Change it if one is already used in your configuration

Alternatively super+click the line in a features file to find it's definition (OSX)


The following settings are available so far.

   "open_in_different_pane"  :  true,
   "cucumber_features_path"  :  "features",
   "cucumber_step_pattern"   :  ".*_steps.*\\.rb",
   "cucumber_code_keywords"  :  ["given", "when", "then", "and","but", "und", "dann", "wenn", "gegeben sei", "angenommen"]

The plugin looks for cucumber_features_path as a direct subdirectory of your project as it's the default in Rails projects. Override this setting if your steps are located in a different subdirectory.

In the given features directory it uses the second setting for finding step-files recursively matching the cucumber_step_pattern

For finding the matching step, CucumberStepFinder needs to know which are the cucumber-keywords. Since there are different keywords beside English, you can configure them in cucumber_code_keywords. By default English and German are predefined.

To find out, which keywords to configure e.g. German (language code `de), type

cucumber --i18n de

into the console. The last argument is the language code. Add all words marked with "code" to the settings.

The option "open_in_different_pane" lets you define, whether the steps file is opened in a different pane or not. For those working with a single pane only, switch this flag to false.

Project Specific Configuration

These settings can be changed globally, or in your .sublime-project file.

    "cucumber_step_pattern": ".*\\.rb"