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This document is separated by group. Within each folder you'll find scripts for different occasions.


Replace glyphs with ss01

You may find this helpful if your roman font has upright italics in ss01 (for say, a, g, and y). Save a new font and run this to replace your default letters with their ss01 set counterparts.

Copy layer from italic

Mostly taken from mekkablue's [Copy Layer to Layer script]( Layer to, this copies the entire layer of a glyph from an italic counterpart. Useful for quickly syncing changes between roman and oblique.

Copy anchors from italic

Same as Copy layer from italic but only copies anchors


Move Selection Down 10 Units at Italic Angle
Move Selection Down 100 Units at Italic Angle
Move Selection Up 10 Units at Italic Angle
Move Selection Up 100 Units at Italic Angle

Translates nodes up or down either 10 or 100 units, then shifts left or right to move at the same angle as the master's italic angle.


Convert Selected Nodes to Lines

Converts selected nodes to line-type nodes. Make sure you know how path segments (especially curves) are calculated in Glyphs, as this can create some odd results.

Convert Selected Nodes to Offcurves

Converts selected nodes to offcurve (handles). If you select two nodes, they'll be converted and the following node will become a curve.

If you execute this on an entire path, you'll get some quadratic curve cages (experimental).

Split Selected Nodes (Make Inktraps)

Duplicates selected node(s) and separates them away from origin at a 0° or 90° angle. Great for quickly setting up ink traps.


Add handles to selected segments

For all selected line segments, adds bezier handles at 1/3 and 2/3 of the segment length. Equivocal to alt-clicking on a line segment, but useful if adding handles to many different segments.


Subdivide Lines to Curves (Catmull-Clark)

Similar to b-spline cages (like very similar), you can draw out line nodes and run this script to convert them to smooth cubic bézier curves. The result after one execution should be identical in shape to the Subdivide Lines (Catmull-Clark) script after three executions, but this will use far fewer nodes.

You can also use Subdivide Filter to get this functionality in a nondestructive way.

Subdivide Lines (Catmull-Clark)

Subdivides path using Catmull-Clark algorithm. With more subdivision, paths will smooth out, but node count will get unwieldy.

Subdivide Selection (Add Midpoint)

Adds midpoints to all selected path segments. For line segments, this is akin to faceted subdivision.


This repository previously contained scripts to Continue Selection, Grow Selection, Shrink Selection, and Undo Selection. These functions have been moved to their own plugin and extended at SelectionPalette.