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Selection Palette Screenshot



Download SelectionPalette via the Glyphs Plugin Manager. (Window > Plugin Manager)


  1. Clone or download this repository
  2. (Unzip if necessary) and open the file with the .glyphsPalette extension.
  3. Follow the "are you sure you want to install" dialogs
  4. Restart glyphs


Selection commands

In the Edit menu, you'll see some new commands under the other selection commands that all have corresponding keyboard shortcuts for easy access:

Undo Selection (⌥⌘[)

Removes the last-selected node from the selection set

Continue Selection (⌥⌘])

Selects a node based on the pattern of the last two nodes you selected

Grow Selection (⌥⌘+)

Adds closest siblings of selected nodes to the selection set

Shrink Selection (⌥⌘-)

Shrinks outer edges of a selection set

Select Between (⌥⌘:)

Selects all nodes between two selected nodes (the two most recently selected nodes)

Select Linked Hints (⌥⌘<)

Corner, cap, and segment components are all linked to a given node. This command transfers selections of nodes to their linked components.

Select by type

The palette in the sidebar contain selection operations for several types of elements:

  • Smooth curves

    Nodes with even handles

    Filters for

    • All
    • Extremes
    • Non-extremes
  • Sharp corners

    Nodes with uneven handles

    Filters for:

    • All
    • Extremes
    • Non-extremes
  • Lines

    Nodes bordering lines (path segments without handles)

    Filters for:

    • All
    • Extremes
    • Non-extremes
  • Handles

    Offcurve nodes

    Filters for:

    • All
    • Extremes
    • Non-extremes
  • Components

    Includes basic components, smart components

    Filters for:

    • Unlocked
    • Locked
    • All
  • Path omponents

    Includes corner, cap, and segment nodes

    Filters for:

    • All
    • Corners
    • Caps
    • Segments
  • Anchors

    Anchors for composite glyphs

    Filters for:

    • All
    • Anchors (for base glyphs)
    • Underscored Anchors (for combining glyphs)
    • Entry (for cursive attachment)
    • Exit (for cursive attachment)
  • Guides

    Filters for:

    • Unlocked
    • Locked
    • Global
    • Local
    • All

Each type allows for three selection operations

  • Add elements of type to current selection
  • Subtract elements from current selection
  • Select only elements of type from current selection

About plugin to aide in selection operations







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