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Send stylish newsletters to your registered users or any user group of your site.

Do you have multiple users (members) registered on your website? Then this plugin is a must!

Watch the tutorial videos here.

Design multiple templates easily.
Create multiple newsletters and bind them to any of your templates.
Choose user groups a Newsletter will be sent to.
Exclude individual users from the list if you wish.
You may send newsletters directly or over the concrete5 feature "Automated Jobs".
Decide how many emails will be sent per minute/hour/day/month.

This Add-On is fully translatable. German is included. French will follow.


  • Create as many Templates as you like and use them in different Mailings.
  • Create as many Newsletters as you like and associate them to a Template.
  • Send mailings to multiple user groups.
  • Send mailings directly or over the "Automated Jobs" feature.
  • Various settings are possible:
    • Send mailings over the concrete5 "Automated Jobs" feature or directly. If sending by "Automated Jobs", you may decide how many emails will be sent per minute/hour/day or month. This is an important setting because many providers today limits the amount of emails being sent in a certain period of time.
    • Set the maximum number of attachments that can be send.
    • Set the maximum size of attachments.
    • Get a report about already sent or saved mailings.
  • A Newsletter may have a header, body and footer text.
  • Include User Attributes as placeholder to all texts. Those placeholders will be replaced by the corresponding user value while sending.
  • All Newsletter texts have the integrated concrete5 Redactor Rich Text feature.
  • Inside the Redactor you may choose your favorite font family from a list of all available Google fonts.
  • A Template has loads of styling features:
    • Header image (linked to your site)
    • Header background color
    • Header size
    • Header margin & padding
    • Header borders
    • Title styling (h1 to h5)
    • Body background color
    • Body size
    • Body margin & padding
    • Body borders
    • Footer background color
    • Footer size
    • Footer margin & padding
    • Footer borders
  • Preview your Templates.
  • Preview your Newsletters in combination with any of your Templates.
  • Send test emails of your Newsletters in combinations with any of your Templates.
  • See all your mailings already sent in the "Newsletter History".
  • Test the sitewide email settings before sending any mailing into the Nirvana.


Please be aware that for designing a descent template having some HTML & CSS knowledge is highly recommended.


When upgrading from previous versions, you need to upgrade to version 2.1.4 first before upgrading to any higher versions!

This does NOT apply to fresh installations.