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Daniel G. Taylor
Daniel G. Taylor committed Apr 21, 2009
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+Arista Transcoder
+A simple preset-based transcoder for the GNOME Desktop and a small script for
+terminal-based transcoding. Settings are chosen based on output device and
+quality preset.
+python-gtk >=2.16
+Installation uses python distutils. After extracting the archive, run:
+ python install
+Don't forget to use sudo if necessary. This will install the arista python
+module to your python site-packages or dist-packages path, install the arista
+programs into sys.prefix/bin and install presets and graphics into
+There are two clients available, a graphical client using GTK+ and a terminal
+client. The graphical client is failry self-explanatory and can be launched
+ arista-gtk
+To use the terminal client please see:
+ arista-transcode --help
+An example of using the terminal client:
+ arista-transcode --device=ipod --preset=low test.mp4 test-ipod.m4v
+Other usefule terminal options:
+ arista-transcode --info
+ arista-transcode --info ipod
+Generating a Test File
+Sometimes it may be useful to generate a test file:
+ gst-launch-0.10 videotestsrc num-buffers=500 ! x264enc ! mp4mux ! filesink location=test.mp4
+Creating New Device Presets
+New device presets can be created by specifying information about yourself and
+the device you wish to support along with presets that describe how to create a
+proper gstreamer pipeline to encode for the device in an xml file. Please see
+the xml files in the presets directory that ship with Arista for examples.
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+Arista To Do
+Here is a list of things still left to be done, ordered by priority. Patches
+are most welcome.
+High Priority
+ * Automatic updating of available device presets
+ * Drag and drop reordering of queue entries
+ * Make live preview and preview fps options take effect immediately
+ * Automatic GStreamer plugin installation like Totem
+Low Priority
+ * Show more info about presets in preferences dialog
+ * Graphical preset editor in preferences dialog
+ * Make sure icon displays nicely in e.g. Gnome-Do and Avant
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