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About this container

This is an alpine sshd container made for X forwarding. Start a local X-server. On a mac you can use XQuartz. Ssh into the container and run your favorite alpine x-app (e.g. firefox) and see it on your local machine.

Usage key based

For key based authentication create a volume to keep authorized_keys.

tar cv --files-from /dev/null | docker import - scratch
docker create -v /root/.ssh --name ssh-container scratch /bin/true
docker cp ssh-container:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys

Then start the sshd service

docker run -p 4848:22 --name alpine-sshdx --hostname alpine-sshdx --volumes-from ssh-container  -d danielguerra/alpine-sshdx
  • Note user alpine is defined with sudo rights.

Usage password

Start the sshd service

docker run -p 4848:22 --name alpine-sshdx --hostname alpine-sshdx -d danielguerra/alpine-sshdx

There is one user in the system with sudo rights

user:alpine pass:alpine

Change the password for alpine

docker exec -ti alpine-sshdx passwd alpine

Didn't want key based set a password for root.

docker exec -ti alpine-sshdx passwd

On your workstation

After this from your linux X environment or from the Xquartz terminal. See note Xquartz

ssh to your new container

ssh -i id_rsa -p 4848 -X root@<dockerhost>

For ssh key forwarding use ssh-agent

ssh-add id_rsassh -A -p 4848 -X root@<dockerhost>
ssh -C -A -t -X -p 4848  root@<dockerhost> ssh -C -A -t -X -p 777 root@<hop> firefox

in the last example the each hop must have the same authorized_keys.

Xquartz note

For cmd+v cmd+c e.g. copy/paste to work you need to do this on your mac.

cd ~/
vi .Xdefaults

paste this line (without the quotes)

*VT100.translations: #override Meta <KeyPress> V: insert-selection(PRIMARY, CUT_BUFFER0) \n

esc :wq


xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults

restart Xquartz and cmd+c and cmd+v works.