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Amateur squash match prediction for Ottawa squash players
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Ottawa Squash Match Predictions

I created a machine learning web application which can be used to predict the score of amateur squash matches in Ottawa. This repository contains all the code I used to generate the model and clean the data. See the website here. See the full source code here. Squash players in Ottawa use a website called Rankenstein which has kept track of squash matches since 2005. I trained my model using 15,000 games played in Ottawa with wide variety of stats from 1000+ players.

Data Visualization

High dimensional data of wins/losses visualization by TSNE:

TSNE visualization of wins and losses


SHapley Additive exPlanations (SHAP) summary plot visualizes feature importance

Feature Importance I've tried many features including:

  • Rating
  • Win streak
  • Win rate vs. opponent
  • Trend (increase in rating over time)
  • Upset rate
  • Time since last played
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