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Python CLI to bulk import members to Facebook groups
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Bulk email inviter for Facebook groups

This is a quick tool that allows you to invite members to your Facebook group via email in bulk. I put it together for use at the Manchester Entrepreneurs society at the start of the year to import our new fresher's member list to our active Facebook group.

How it works

It was built in Python (2.7) and uses Selenium with the PhantomJS driver. The PhantomJS driver for osx has been included in the repo. If you want to run it on windows or linux you'll have to download the relevant driver and update the executable_path in cli/


# from the facebook-bulk-group-inviter directory
pip install .

# install with editable flag if you plan on making changes
pip install -e .

Getting started

Invoke facebook-bulk-group-inviter from the command line with arguments -e, and -g with your facebook email and group name (or number). You will then be prompted to enter your password.

# run the import
facebook-bulk-group-inviter -e -g nameornumber

By default email addresses will be loaded from emails.csv in the package directory but you can override this by passing a new file name with the -f parameter. Emails should be on a new line and in the first column. There can be other columns in the csv file but the email address has to be in the first column. Please also ensure your csv has no headers.

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