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Acacia pubsub

What if a RCE was actually a feature

This software connects to Redis pubsub with (non-optional) mTLS and listen on the configured channel(s). Once there is a message it runs the associated command for the channel with the message as the argument. The command(s) will be executed with the same user than the one configured (if no user was configured, then it's the same who started the program).

The program should be run as root with a configured user. This way it will start as root and once it has loaded the certificate/key/ca for TLS, it will re-exec itself with the configured user.

The program also provides a basic web page to indicates if it's connected to Redis (for monitoring purpose).


Compile the code and put the resulting binary somewhere™. Create an unprivileged user if wanted. Under OpenBSD, this user should have /sbin/nologin as shell and /var/empty as home.


Take acacia.json.sample and put it somewhere else™ (without ".sample").

Run it

If you didn't put the configuration in /etc/acacia.json, you need to give the path as the argument when you run the binary.

$ /path/to/binary [/path/to/config]


Can I disable mTLS?

No you can't. The program is dangerous (as it enables remote code execution) so there is as many safeguards (read too few) as possible.

Couldn't you find a worse file format for the configuration file than json?

I wanted to keep the !stdlib dependencies as few as possible. While stdlib also has encoding/csv, this was deemed unpractical.

Do you have an OpenBSD's rc(8) script for it?

I do!

# $OpenBSD: rc.template,v 1.12 2018/01/11 19:30:18 rpe Exp $


. /etc/rc.d/rc.subr


rc_cmd $1

It doesn't work, how do I debug it?

Logs go to syslog, in the daemon facility. Currently all the messages have INFO priority.

How can I monitor it?

Check the http endpoint /status for the text "connected".

For instance with nrpe:

command[check_acacia_pubsub]=/usr/local/libexec/nagios/check_http -H localhost -p 8091 -u /status -r 'state: connected'


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