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Android API SpeechRecognizer class integrated with Twitter API.
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Android API SpeechRecognizer class integrated with Twitter API.


Processing IDE, Twitter4J, Android Mode/Android SDK 4.0


This software utilizies the Android SpeechRecognizer class to process realtime dialogues. Once the dialogues are processed, the string of characters are posted online to Twitter as a status update.

The software is an intended as an interactive art piece. I am hoping users of the software will inform me of their work utilizing this source code, along with their process (video/photo documentation). I personally have tested the software on an Android mini PC (specifically an MK802 model running firmware 4.0+ . Android PC here: and a Nexus 7 tablet.

I plan to install around highly populated public locations (bars, Millennium Park in Chicago, etc) to add a level of survelliance to the dialogues throughout the community (consensually within specified locations)

The project ideally will manifest into many forms (by the user base), but my primarly interests lie in the ecosystems of social media platforms.

The device/source code is continuously listening to new conversations and once processed, posts online for all to read/follow/engage. Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc allow us to (somewhat) control our content viewed by others. All of these platforms let us create an online persona of ourselves, creating an idealozied perception viewable by our friends, followers, etc. I created this device to un filter our offline dialogues, and directly bridge them online (specially through Twitter).


drag the entire 'TweetVoice' folder nested within the main TweetVoice-master folder into your sketch folder of the Processing IDE.


You can find my personal Twitter stream utilizing this tool here:

(clickable image linked to video documentation)


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