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C++ Kafka Client Library using Boost Asio
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C++ Kafka Client Library using Boost Asio

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libkafka-asio is a C++ header-only library, implementing the Kafka client protocol. All Kafka APIs, including offset commit/fetch, are implemented:

It supports GZIP and Snappy message compression and therefore relies on the zlib and Snappy libraries. Message compression can optionally be turned off.

The library was tested on Linux (GCC 4.9, clang 3.5.1) and Windows (MSVC 10, 11, 12). There is a set of unit tests available under test.


Add the lib directory to your include paths and:

#include <libkafka_asio/libkafka_asio.h>

Please see the examples directory for some examples on how to use the library.

Also consult the documentation: libkafka-asio Reference


libkafka-asio depends on the Boost C++ libraries -- specially on Boost Asio. The following Boost sub-libraries are explicitly used in the project:

You need to link against boost_thread and boost_system.

So installing the boost library package on your distribution should do the trick (e.g. apt-get install libboost-dev on Ubuntu, or pacman -S boost on Arch).

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