Bridge to use bitbucket webhooks with mattermost
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Bitbucket mattermost bridge

This tool converts the bitbucket webhook request so that mattermost can interpret it properly.


This installation guide is based on Ubuntu 14.04 with Python 2.7 and pip installed.

Clone repo

$ git clone

Install dependencies

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Edit config

You can edit config to hardcode variable $ vim or $ nano (or whatever editor you prefer)

Or you can use environment variables to set your bridge configuration. Here is the available variables:

  • MATTERMOST_HOOK (mandatory) : url to post bridged webhooks to
  • BRIDGE_LISTEN_ADDR : host the bridge is listening for, default:
  • BRIDGE_LISTEN_PORT : listening port, default 5000
  • MATTERMOST_USERNAME : Username showed in mattermost message (Enable Overriding of Usernames from Webhooks must be turned on mattermost)
  • MATTERMOST_ICON : User icon showed in mattermost message (Enable Overriding of Icon from Webhooks must be turned on mattermost)

Run the bridge


This can be useful for debugging

$ python

As a daemon

If you don't have already installed upstart:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install upstart

Create the upstartfile $ vim /etc/init/bitbucket-mattermost-bridge.conf (or nano, or gedit...)

description "Bitbucket mattermost integration"
author  "Daniel Kappelle <>"

start on runlevel [234]
stop on runlevel [0156]

chdir /path/to/bitbucket-mattermost-bridge/
exec python /path/to/bitbucket-mattermost-bridge/

You can now start/stop/restart the daemon using

$ sudo start|stop|restart bitbucket-mattermost-bridge

With docker

docker build -t bitbucket-mattermost-bridge .
docker run -d -e MATTERMOST_HOOK= -p 5000:5000 bitbucket-mattermost-bridge


If there's any trouble, please contact me or create an issue