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simple impex generator
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Simpex – Ruby library for simple ImpEx generation

The impex torture is over guys! Enjoy your hybris projects with a nice ruby api for impex generation!

Simpex will make your life easier because:

  • it will remove the “csv noise” from your eyes
  • let you focus on the important stuff, building relationships between your impex tables
  • process any incoming format like xml, excel, csv with the power of ruby
  • do basic impex validations for you before hybris does it

Ready? Here it comes:

product_type =“Product”, %w{code[unique=true] name[lang=en] name[lang=de] unit(code) $catalogVersion supercategories(code)})

product =, %w{555 myproduct555 meinproduct555 pieces SimpexProducts:Online SampleCategory})

assert_equal “555”, product.code

assert_equal “pieces”, product.unit

assert_equal “SampleCategory”, product.supercategories

Never worry about the order of rows any more just create a hash specifying the attributes:

product2 =, {"code" => “333”, “name” => "MyName"})

Just use full string attribute names for ambigious attributes like

assert_equal “myproduct555”, product.get(“name[lang=en]”)

assert_equal “meinproduct555”, product.get(“name[lang=de]”)

Now lets build some real references:

catalog_type =“Catalog”, %w{id[unique=true] name[lang=de] name[lang=en] defaultCatalog})
catalog =, %w{simpex_catalog SimpexCatalog SimpexCatalog true})

catalog_version_type =“CatalogVersion”, %w{catalog(id)[unique=true] version[unique=true] active defaultCurrency(isocode)})
catalog_version =, [, “online”, “true”, “EUR”, “de,en”])

Now add averything to a main object managing the files creation:

result =“your/impex/folder”)

catalog_type << catalog
product_type << product

result << catalog_type
result << product_type

result.impexify # => will write separate files for each type
result.impexify(“basic_setup.csv”) # => will write all tables to one file in the folder your/impex/folder

Thats it!


rvm install 1.9.1
cd to directory and run bundle install

ImpEx file generation

For now it only generates a dummy ImpEx file.
Run rake simpex:generate
You can find the generated file in ‘tmp/’

Run rake simpex:test to execute all tests


Map core hybris types in this API so you can create objects easilly and create impex without knowing its internals too much.

So instead of writing:

catalog_type =“Catalog”, %w{id[unique=true] name[lang=de] name[lang=en] defaultCatalog})
catalog =, %w{simpex_catalog SimpexCatalog SimpexCatalog true})

you will just write:“SimpexCatalog”)

creating a valid catalog objects that can be immidiatelly transformed to impex and inserted.


Impex Factory

The impex factory for standard hybris types will make it possible to create a valid hybris db setup only with ruby,
so no impex knowledge is necessary at all. This is very convinient for hybris test fixtures setup and the initial product import.


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