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Steganography in Twitter using retweets
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Stego-retweet is a tool for hiding messages in Twitter using retweets. With this tool you can hide two chars per retweet.


First you need to clone the GIT repository:

$ git clone

Inside the stego-retweet directory you will find a requirements file for installing Python dependencies with pip:

$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt 

After that, you can execute stego-retweet with:

$ python
Usage: <send> <text> <send> <text> <hashtag1,hahstag2,hashtagN> <recv> <user>


To use stego-retweet you need a twitter account with an associated application. Please, go to

When you create an application you obtain some access tokens you have to configure in the srt/ "file".


Hide a message

To hide a message you have to execute "" with the "send" option and the message you want to hide.


$ python send "hello world!"
Retweet: 989930938296619008 , search: ignored
Retweet: 989931396696289280 , search: contamination
Retweet: 989930832365346816 , search: varied
Retweet: 989930844587479043 , search: replication
Retweet: 989931572815155200 , search: jobs
Retweet: 989931584651517953 , search: tokyo      

Using the above command yout are going to retweet whatever tweet that serves to hide the message. To have a little control you can provide a list of hashtags. Stego-retweet will hide information in tweets that contain these hashtags if they are found. Otherwise, stego-retweet will use any other tweet.


python send "hello world!" "crypto,bitcoin,infosec"
Retweet: 989922919383011328 , search: attended #crypto
Retweet: 988077479037427713 , search: conservation #bitcoin
Retweet: 989915705439961088 , search: particularly #crypto
Retweet: 989930267304517633 , search: headquarters
Retweet: 989119168611082241 , search: fears #crypto
Retweet: 989519586155487233 , search: complicated #bitcoin 

Unhide a message

To read a message you have to use the option "recv" and the name of the twitter account of the sender. You need to provide the same password used to send the message.


$ python recv UserAccount
r7@8b(hd(,dhello world!

You can see some garbage in the results. This is due to retweets that does not contains any hidden information.

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