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-Best viewed in Chrome.
+Best viewed in Chrome.
+Files can be found at
+These instructions assume that you have node installed.
+Since you're a node shop I hope that is a safe assumption.
+If you don't have it installed, here are a few good installation instruction links:
+1) Add this line to your hosts file ""
+2) Download Birdy from github and unpack
+3) Open up your terminal and cd into the Birdy directory
+4) Run "sudo npm install"
+5) Run "sudo coffee"
+6) Go to
+7) Auth with Twitter
+8) Type in keywords, @people, or lat,long. Press enter to search.
+Things to know:
+The stream is throttled, otherwise it was just scrolled too fast for popular terms.
+Searches are additive so OWS + BASEBALL probably won't have may results even though they will seperatly.
+You can toggle on and off search terms or remove them compleatly.
+Try backspacing once you have a few terms in.
+Lat,Long searches can't have a space after the comma. If they do they will be treated as a keyword (e.g. -36.34,85.23)

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