A Classic ASP approach to debug on browser console
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Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1: It had added the method flush for allowing to send the response to the client.

A Classic ASP approach to send messages from server to the Browser Console. That's useful for debbuging applications that use AJAX requests to ASP scripts.

Credits for the project Chrome Logger, whom created the protocol to allow the communication between the client and server.

It was tested succesfully on Google Chrome 51 and Firefox 47. Firefox offers native support for the protocol since version 46, while Chrome needs you to install this plugin.

Here is an example:

<!--#include file="asp2console.asp" -->
console.log("Hello console on ASP")
' At the very end of the page

Unfortunately it doesn't work on Firebug console, only on browser's native console.

Thanks for cuixiping and Tuðrul Topuz, both creators of the two project dependencies.

By Daniel Marcoto