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Service provider and DB downloader for Maxminds PHP API GeoIP2.
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Service provider and DB downloader, Laravel 5 & 6 for Maxminds PHP API GeoIP2.

License: MIT Build Status


In composer.json

"require": {
        "danielme85/laravel-geoip2": "dev-master",

or command: composer require danielme85/laravel-geoip2

Laravel 5.x

Add to your config/app.php under Service Providers
(If you use Laravel 5.5+ you could skip this step as Autodiscovery has been enabled for this package.)

//Service Providers
'Reader'  => danielme85\Geoip2\Facade\Reader::class,

Lumen 5.x

Add to your boostrap/app.php file

class_alias('danielme85\Geoip2\Facade\Reader, 'Reader');


Publish the config file to your Laravel projects

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="danielme85\Geoip2\Geoip2ServiceProvider"

The following default settings will work right away:

return [
    'geoip2' => [
        'downloadUrl' => '', //url db file download
        'tempFile' => 'app/GeoLite2-City.mmdb.gz', //temp download file name
        'dbName' => 'app/GeoLite2-City.mmdb', //Geoip DB filename
        'localhost' => '' //when running on localhost (or for general testing) you can specify a fake ip address here.


You need to download the Maxmind Geoip first, the default config is for the city version (about 30MB download, 50MB extracted).

php artisan geoip:download

With the DB file downloaded you are ready to get some location data:

use danielme85\Geoip2\Facade\Reader;
$reader = Reader::connect();
$result = $reader->city($ip);

Usage once you have the Reader:connect object is the same as maxminds documentation

Example usage, return json location data based on ipv4 address.

use danielme85\Geoip2\Facade\Reader;

function getLocation(Request $request) {
   $reader = Reader::connect();
   I was experiencing inaccurate results... until I remembered that my web server traffic was routed trough CloudFlare :p
   In that case CloudFlare provides the original client ip in the following header information.
   if (isset($_SERVER["HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP"])) {
   else {
       $ip = $request->ip();
   //the city() function from the GeoIp2 Php API will throw an exception if the ip-address is not found in the DB.
   try {
       $geodata = $reader->city($ip)->jsonSerialize(); //jsonSerialize seems to actually return an associative array.
   catch (\Exception $e) {
       return response()->json("Geo-location not found!", 500);

   return response()->json($geodata);

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

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