Version 2.0.0 Beta 3

@danielmm8888 danielmm8888 released this Jan 12, 2016

  • Added Gunboats for both the Soldier and the Demoman
  • Changed rocket jumping behavior to behave like in live tf2 (less knockback if rocket jumping off the ground)
  • Changed explosive self-damage to always use same radius and damage amount regardless of attributes
  • Changed explosions to be actually spherical rather than square
  • Reduced attenuation of Spy cloak\decloak sounds to match live TF2
  • Renamed tf2c_legacy_weapons cvar to tf2c_force_stock_weapons
  • Added player map inputs:
    • SpeakResponseConcept
    • SetForcedTauntCam
    • IgnitePlayer
    • ExtinguishPlayer
  • Servers can now allow players to switch to over-the-shoulder third person mode
    • Server cvar tf2c_allow_thirdperson mode controls if third person mode is allowed
    • Players can use cl_thirdperson cvar to switch to third person if they're allowed to
  • Server owners can now disable individual weapons by simply editing the items_game.txt file
  • Updated Double-Barrel Shotgun model
  • Updated Poacher's Pride
    • Fixed Poacher's Pride doing full damage on headshot
    • Updated description
  • Removed Scout's SMG
  • Temporarily disabled the Overhealer
  • Raised DM overheal drain time to 30 seconds (from 20)
  • Fixed client crashing if player disconnects while crit boosted
  • Fixed a client crash related to chat in Deathmatch
  • Fixed Kritzkrieg sound getting stuck on if player respawns while crit boosted
  • Fixed damage numbers showing "damage" done to invincible players
  • Fixed rockets and flares not being removed on team change
  • Fixed players being able to taunt while cloaked
  • Fixed CTF HUD
  • Fixed sentries targeting payload carts
  • Fixed exploit related to hauling allowing players to build multiple buildings of the same type
  • Re-added player count to the 2 team scoreboard
  • Raised FOV limit to 100 for real this time
  • Fixed taunt attacks completing even if taunt is interrupted
  • Fixed some taunt attacks hitting players through walls
  • Fixed a certain facestab case
  • Projectiles now fire from the proper side if the viewmodel is flipped
  • Added server tags for certain convars


Version 2.0.0 Beta 2

@PistonMiner PistonMiner released this Dec 26, 2015


Linux compile fix