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Settle is a dotfiles manager. Configure settle.yaml, run settle, and be on your way.

Please note that settle is in its very early development. There are no guarantees of any functionality or stability at this time.

See here for an example config.

Current feature set

Neovim Support:

  • generate init.lua from specified plugins and additional config
  • install paq & install specified plugins

Apt Support:

  • supports installing packages
  • runs autoremove

Brew Support:

  • supports taps, ordinary packages, and casks
  • cleans up packages no longer specified

Zsh Support:

  • configuring history size and history sharing
  • variables
  • aliases
  • functions
  • arbitrary .zshrc prefixes & suffixes

File Symlinking

  • symlink files using relative or absolute paths


  • enable modular config by means of including other files into the main configuration
    • resolution order is the listed files for inclusion (in-order), then content in the main config file. The last definition wins. Stanzas are taken as all or nothing--no clever merging happens within stanzas.


Clones the specified repo before settling in.

settle init -repo danielmmetz/settle

settle init -repo danielmmetz/settle -auth basic

settle init -repo danielmmetz/settle -auth pubkey -private-key /path/to/key

Don't yet have settle? Install it with:

curl -sL | bash

Run history

After a successful run, a copy of that run's settle.yaml is backed up to ~/.local/share/settle. This enables a relatively easy process to restore a prior good config.

Sticky config files

After a successful run, settle remembers the config file it used. When run without specifying a --config argument, settle will default to using the path to the last successfully applied config file.

This allows users to update and re-apply their config without needing to worry about their working directory, and allows a user to more easily maintain multiple config files in a single directory.

Future features

  • simplified rollbacks (e.g. settle history and settle rollback <time>)

TODOs for docs

  • add a "Why?" section
  • add examples

For the project

  • add linting
  • add tests