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@@ -15,11 +15,11 @@ To split a list of words (one word per line), use this command:
java -jar jwordsplitter-x.y.jar <filename>
To export the German dictionary from the JAR file, use this command:
-java -cp jwordsplitter-x.y.jar de.danielnaber.wordtools.jwordsplitter.converter.ExportDict /de/danielnaber/wordsGerman.ser
+java -cp jwordsplitter-x.y.jar de.danielnaber.jwordsplitter.converter.ExportDict /de/danielnaber/jwordsplitter/wordsGerman.ser
To serialize a text dictionary (one word per line) to a binary format
so it can be used by jWordSplitter, use this command:
-java -cp jwordsplitter-x.y.jar de.danielnaber.wordtools.jwordsplitter.converter.SerializeDict textDict textDict.ser
+java -cp jwordsplitter-x.y.jar de.danielnaber.jwordsplitter.converter.SerializeDict textDict textDict.ser
-build the dictionary from Morphy data

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