Open source blue light reduction software for Linux X11
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Iris Floss

Floss is implementation of blue light reduction software like Iris, f.lux, Redshift and Night Shift with minimum dependencies for all Linux distributions.

The only requirement to run Floss is to have Linux running with X11.

Since this project is open source you need to build it from source. To build Iris Floss

Install all needed dependencies on


sudo apt-get install build-essential gcc make xorg-dev libx11-dev libxrandr-dev


sudo dnf install gcc make libXrandr-devel

This will install gcc, make and xrandr. Then


from the iris-floss.c folder and then


How to use

You can customize Color temperature and Brightness with command line arguments

./iris-floss 5000 90

Will set Color temperature to 5000K and Brightness to 90%

You can also set Color temperature and brightness per Monitor

To do this there is third parameter which is the monitor number

./iris-floss 6500 100
./iris-floss 3400 80 1

Will reset all monitors and set Color temperature to 3400K and Brightness to 80% on Monitor 1

./iris-floss 6500 100
./iris-floss 5000 100 2

Will reset all monitors and set Color temperature to 5000K and Brightness to 100% on Monitor 2

./iris-floss 0 50 1

Will set Color temperature to 0K and Brightness to 50% on Monitor 1

What about Wayland?

There is a way to get the similar thing for Wayland at the moment. For more info go here

Specially for all all people who like Linux.