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This is the repo for Amherst College's 2018 pre-hack workshop series. The hackathon will take place on the first weekend of March (3-4) from 2pm-2pm. The pre-hack series covers elements of web development that would be pertinent to a hackathon project, and are designed to not require any prior experience — although resilience in Googling is a must for any software development!

Each workshop's materials will be contained in this folder, and they're broken down into steps that are separated by commits. This means that you can access each separate step by 'checking out' different commits.

Helper doc - covers basic terminal/command line, git, and regex stuff


  1. Some familiarity with the command line - link

  2. Install Git on your system - link


  • Change directory to your desktop or where you'll put these files (not in root): cd ___

  • Clone this repo on your system: git clone

  • Checkout the first commit of the Flask project: git checkout dc70356b8c173ab2782e3160e234fd81eb430afa

Additional work - highly recommended!

  1. Learn HTML: codecademy
  2. Learn CSS: codecademy
  3. Learn Javascript: codecademy