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Grab a random youtube video link from any linux box. Parsable and human readable.

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by Daniel P. Clark

Require's linux with the 'shuf' executable in path and your words dictionary at /usr/share/dict/words

gem install randomyoutube --no-rdoc --no-ri

* Grab 3 words randomly from the system dictionary and pull a youtube video link with those words.

    require 'randomyoutube'
    RandomYouTube::human        # One search. Human readable output on success, or failure.
    RandomYouTube::human_must   # Search until success, human readable output.
    RandomYouTube::pretty       # One search. Array on success, nil on failure.
    RandomYouTube::pretty_must  # Search until success, returns array.
    RandomYouTube::raw          # One search. Array on success, nil on failure.
    RandomYouTube::raw_must     # Search until success, returns array.
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