The Telegram Desktop Theme Maker is designed to work on your own server. Help, suggestions and questions are welcome. It's also running at:
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A first try on creating a useful theme maker for

Help, suggestions and questions are welcome.

Visit the wiki for more information: Wiki

We have a channel on Telegram for updates and communication: @thememaker

We have a working website at: It is free to use for everyone!

For installing instructions visit the wiki page wiki: Installing

For the roadmap visit the wiki page wiki: Roadmap


The working has been (or will be) split in some repositories:


  • v0.01 A first release is out! I can't believe it! Try it : 0.01 Alpha Release
  • From first to second release will deleting the first zero.
  • v0.15 Some security updates (no more path injection risk).
  • v0.2 Zip compression, background upload, more colors.
  • v0.25 Expert mode ready. We support all elements!
  • Colors list
  • Theme Preview.