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BLE sensor module

The sensor module runs on the WRL-13990 Bluetooth module, which is built around the nRF52832. Its purpose is to take readings from the temperature/humidity sensor and relay those readings back to the HomeKit bridge (see the bridge module below).

Using this code

This is firmware code for the nRF52832. To use it, you need to compile it to binary code and then flash it to your device.


  • The nRF5 SDK, which provides the necessary compilation resources and tools. Instructions to download it are in step 1 below.
  • Installation of version 0.5.2 of Nordic's nrfutil program. Installation instructions are provided at the source.

Compilation & flashing

  1. Download the nRF5 SDK version 11.0.0.

  2. Unzip the SDK.

  3. Navigate to this path within the unzipped SDK folder: examples/ble_peripheral/.

    cd nRF5_SDK_11.0.0_89a8197/examples/ble_peripheral/
  4. There, copy the entire folder containing this file, with the directory name ble_app_temp_humid.

    cp -R /path/to/repo/sensor ./ble_app_temp_humid
  5. Build the code.

    cd ble_app_temp_humid/wrl13990/s132/armgcc

    You should see build output as follows:

    rm -rf _build
    echo  Makefile
    mkdir _build
    Compiling file: app_button.c
    Compiling file: app_error.c
    Compiling file: app_error_weak.c
    Compiling file: app_fifo.c
    Compiling file: app_timer.c
    Compiling file: app_trace.c
    Compiling file: app_util_platform.c
    Compiling file: fstorage.c
    Compiling file: nrf_assert.c
    Compiling file: nrf_log.c
    Compiling file: retarget.c
    Compiling file: nrf_delay.c
    Compiling file: nrf_drv_common.c
    Compiling file: nrf_drv_gpiote.c
    Compiling file: pstorage.c
    Compiling file: bsp.c
    Compiling file: bsp_btn_ble.c
    Compiling file: main.c
    Compiling file: dht22.c
    Compiling file: RTT_Syscalls_GCC.c
    Compiling file: SEGGER_RTT.c
    Compiling file: SEGGER_RTT_printf.c
    Compiling file: ble_advdata.c
    Compiling file: ble_advertising.c
    Compiling file: ble_bas.c
    Compiling file: ble_bps.c
    Compiling file: ble_conn_params.c
    Compiling file: ble_dis.c
    Compiling file: ble_srv_common.c
    Compiling file: device_manager_peripheral.c
    Compiling file: system_nrf52.c
    Compiling file: softdevice_handler.c
    Assembly file: gcc_startup_nrf52.s
    Linking target: nrf52832_xxaa_s132.out
    Preparing: nrf52832_xxaa_s132.bin
    Preparing: nrf52832_xxaa_s132.hex
      text	   data	    bss	    dec	    hex	filename
      9332	    124	    768	  10224	   27f0	_build/nrf52832_xxaa_s132.out
  6. Connect the WRL13990 to your computer and begin flashing the compiled firmware. I used the following command to accomplish that using a FT232RL-based USB-to-serial board.

    nrfutil dfu genpkg --application _build/*.hex && nrfutil dfu serial --port=/dev/cu.usbserial-00000000 --baudrate=38400

    With the following output.

    Zip created at
    Upgrading target on /dev/cu.usbserial-00000000 with DFU package /Users/danielgross/Desktop/ard-temp-sensor/nrf52/nRF5_SDK_11.0.0_89a8197/examples/ble_peripheral/ble_app_temp_humid/wrl13990/s132/armgcc/ Flow control is disabled.
      [####################################]  100%          
    Device programmed.
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