A collection of useful Flickr Bookmarklets
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Flickr Bookmarklets

So far, this project consists of only one bookmarklet in three different versions.
Every Bookmarklet does the same, but the output format is different.

Executing the bookmarklet on a Flickr picture page (i.e. the page with comments, tags etc.) it copies the address of that image, wraps it in a link and displays this code in the chosen syntax. You can then copy this code into your clipboard and paste it somewhere else (f.e. your blog).

The output choices are:

Travellerspoint is a travel website, which uses a syntax similar to BBCode. I have my travel blog there. The original motivation to create these bookmarklets was to make it easy for me to paste images from my Flickr stream into this travel blog.

Head over to the Wiki to drag these bookmarklets directly to your browser's bookmarks/favorites bar.