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Thimblr lets you preview your Tumblr themes right from your favorite editor. It protects your fingers from tedious copy-pasting a theme template into Tumblr's customize tool.

You can find Thimblr deployed here:

This Thimblr originally started as a fork of J.P. Hasting's Thimblr. But since I basically changed everything around, I made it a new project. Thimblr was originally inspired by Mark Wunsch's Thimble.

Try it

If you use Textmate as your editor, you can use my fork of the Tumblr Themes Textmate bundle.

  • Download the Bundle: Tumblr Themes Bundle.
  • Copy it to ~/Library/Application Support/Textmate/Bundles.
  • Open Textmate and reload your bundles (Bundles → Bundle Editor → Reload Bundles).
  • Open your Tumblr theme template and select Bundles → Tumblr Themes → Preview with Thimblr.
  • Optionally, you can specify a shell variable TUMBLR_USERNAME in the Textmate Preferences with your Tumblr username as the value. This way, you can preview the theme with your own data.

Please find details for all other editors on


Thimblr is still in a very early stage and a lot of the Tumblr theme functionality is missing or not working properly. It's not really meant for public use just now. It's only here to share it with coders who want to contribute to this project.

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