A TextMate Bundle for Building Themes.
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Tumblr Themes TextMate Bundle 1.3

What is this?

This is is a tmbundle for the Mac text editor TextMate. It contains snippets for every Block an Variable from the the Tumblr custom themes docs as of May 2010. There are a lot of snippets in this bundle, about a megabyte's worth (which is pretty fucking big for a TextMate bundle). They have been organized in a manner that is similar to the theme docs, but some adjustments have been made to make the snippets easy accessible in the contextual menu.

Release Notes - Updated: 05/03/10


  • Added snippets for URLEncode variable transformation, Raw Audio urls, and Ajax Notes variables.



  • Website commands open in default browser instead of in Web Preview window
  • Added link to Tumblr's static file uploader
  • Added 'Appearance Options' Group
    • includes snippets for Custom Colors, Custom Fonts, Booleans, Custom Text, Custom Images, and Custom CSS.


  • Initial Release

To Do

  • Figure out some way to preview themes mwunsch is a genius, just need to integrate it into this plugin
  • Create a bare bones theme template
  • Add more tab triggers
  • Add snippets for 3rd-party Tumblr theme add-ons
    • i.e. Disqus, Steampad, Google Analytics, ect.
Created by Ben Gold -- Theme Docs by Tumblr, Inc. -- Released under the GPL 3.0 License -- © 2010 Ben Gold