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Friend/foe individual writers on Hacker News.


If you've read Slashdot you know all about the friend/foe system. Next to each author is an orb that shows your relationship to the author -- if you've friended or foe'd them. This helps you identify quality authors and filter out obnoxious commenters.

This system provides two parts:

  • Client: the extension that gets injected into Hacker News and reports back with usernames to compare) and the server.
  • Server: the Node.js/Express.js/Redis system that keeps track of all friends/foes and friend of a friend and foe of a friend relationships.


A friend or foe has not yet been made. The standard orb:

Choosing a friend or foe. Animation provides a nice slide out:

A blend of friends and foes illustrating the transformative experience of HACKERSMACKER:

Examples of great Hacker News comments from which to start a collection of friends


  • Mihai Parparita - Help with fixing the issue around browsers not allowing a JSONP AJAX request to modify the page, as it is sandboxed and cannot alter the page using arbitrary JavaScript (the JSONP) not included with the extension itself.



  • MIT License
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