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a random sorting algorithm for no purposes :)

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# Intro

If you are familiar with computers, you probably are familiar with well-known sorting algorithms and probably think all of that Big-O notation talk is quite boring too.

Here, we proudly present a totally new idea based on the most recent researches performed during the lunch time (in 2005): Bobosort! Actually, the algorithm is a little older. It was firstly thought out by a friend of us, we just implemented it with some - actually none - improvements.

# Bobosort Specification

For us, the open specifications are the future. The world needs specifications and not single implementations of a product. With specifications, we can have competition and evolution, differently from middle-age ideas of having the total control over a new technology. Looking forward to the future we decided to share the Bobosort specification with the world.

The algorithm is divided in three main phases:
	1. choose an element from a random position of the array
	2. swap it with an element from another random position
	3. repeat the previous steps until the array is ordered
# The staff

    * Daniel Quirino Oliveira (/danielqo)
    * Hélder Máximo Botter Ribas (/hmbr)
    * Marcelo Criscuolo (/jau)

It's a new concept of pair programming! :-)
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