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So you want to hack etorrent? Cool!
I am generally liberal, but there is one thing you should not do:
Patch Bombs.
A patch bomb is when a developer sits in his own corner for 4-5 months
and suddenly comes by with a patch of gargantuan size, say several
thousand lines of code changes. I won't accept such a patch - ever.
If you have a cool plan, I encourage you to mail me: so we can set up a proper mailing list
and document our design discussions in the list archives. That way, we
may be able to break the problem into smaller pieces and we may get a
better solution by discussing it beforehand.
If you have a bug-fix or smaller patch it is ok to just come with it,
preferably on google code as a regular patch(1) or a git-patch. If you
know it is going to take you a considerable amount of time fixing the
problem, submit an issue first and then hack away. That way, others
may be able to chime in and comment on the problem.
Remember to add yourself to the AUTHORS list.
From 0.9 and on, we will have a ChangeLog describing user-visible
changes, ie features and bug fixes. I won't start it up before as the
code has been on a mad roller-coaster.
"I just want to hack, what is there to do?"
Check the TODO-list which is the loose milestone plan. Check the Issue
tracker for enhancement requests and bugs. Ask me. I might have
something you would like to do. The TODO list are "Things we certainly
need to do!" and the issue tracker is used for "Things we may do."
Note that people can vote up stuff on the issue tracker.