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Interactive Twitter feed for Japanese word definitions
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What is it?

It's a Twitter bot that tweets out random Japanese words - with definitions - once an hour. It also attempts to define people's words (Japanese or English) that they Tweet in. Usage example sentences are occasionally Tweeted.

英語定義が欲しい場合は「@japxlate 日本語単語」をツイートしてください。リプライで教えます。Japxlate は日本語母語話者用にも便利!

What's new?

  • Finally comes with a script to process the EDICT dictionary file (EDICT2)
  • Updated INSTALL instructions
  • Full docblock comments for all PHP classes, methods and functions
  • Restructured class internals
  • Updated for Twitter API v1.1
  • Improved logging

How does it work?

The EDICT dictionary project ( is used for the random words and to define people's words. The Tatoeba project ( is used for usage example sentences. Abraham Williams' TwitterOAuth class ( is used to connect to Twitter.

What does it need to run?

  • Commandline PHP
  • mbstring extension for PHP
  • JSON extension for PHP
  • mysqli extension for PHP (but should be easy to alter everything for another MySQL extension or indeed another RDBMS)
  • MySQL (with Unicode ability)
  • The EDICT2 dictionary file
  • Some CSV files from
  • You'll need a Twitter account and then a "My application" (so you can get some OAuth access tokens etc). You'll want "Read, Write and Access direct messages" permission.

What's hot?

  • Source dictionary (EDICT) is of top quality
  • Interactive - Twitter users can use the bot as a word defining service
  • Bot owner can seed the next random word by using a to-self direct message
  • Easily modified for any other source dictionary

What's not?

  • Usage example sentences should match the previous random word, but sometimes don't
  • Direct message seeding can be iffy - I don't think Twitter likes it when users DM themselves!
  • Lacks any kind of "cashing in" mechanism for current trending hashtags (ie. defining the current trend words but in Japanese would be nifty)
  • As a timed robot it's pretty cheesy because all it does is call sleep() LOL!
  • Obviously you've got all your DB and Twitter credentials in plaintext in the configuration.php
  • Defining people's words needs to be less strict and "hit" the dictionary more
  • Definition formatting logic is duplicated in MANY places in the code - must consolidate
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