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(ns physicsGame)
(def jquery (js* "$"))
; Box2d Imports: Generated by macro.clj
(def b2AABB js/Box2D.Collision.b2AABB)
(def b2BodyDef js/Box2D.Dynamics.b2BodyDef)
(def b2Body js/Box2D.Dynamics.b2Body)
(def b2FixtureDef js/Box2D.Dynamics.b2FixtureDef)
(def b2Fixture js/Box2D.Dynamics.b2Fixture)
(def b2World js/Box2D.Dynamics.b2World)
(def b2DebugDraw js/Box2D.Dynamics.b2DebugDraw)
(def b2PolygonShape js/Box2D.Collision.Shapes.b2PolygonShape)
(def b2CircleShape js/Box2D.Collision.Shapes.b2CircleShape)
(defn- v [x y] (js/Box2D.Common.Math.b2Vec2. x y))
(defn- dom [s] (->> (name s) (str "#") jquery))
; Needed for triangle vertices
(defn- nativearray [& args]
(let [ret (js/Array.)]
(doseq [arg args] (.push ret arg))
(defn- native-set-wrapper [jsobject attr value]
(aset jsobject (name attr) value))
(defn- js-set
"Sets an attribute name to a value on a javascript object
Returns the original object"
([jsobject attr value]
(do (native-set-wrapper jsobject attr value)
([jsobject & values]
(do (doseq [[attr value] (apply hash-map values)]
(native-set-wrapper jsobject attr value))
(defn- atom-set
"Helper function for setting an atom of a map"
[atom & values]
(do (swap! atom #(apply assoc % values))
(def W)
(def H)
(def scale 30)
(def speed-rate 300)
(def empty-fn (constantly nil))
(defn- get-canvas []
(let [canvas (dom :canvas)]
(def W (. canvas (width)))
(def H (. canvas (height)))
(.get canvas 0)))
; (set! (. f density) 3) is ugly. Lack of macros/eval make this impossible to solve without native javascript
(defn- create-fixture
([shape] (js-set (b2FixtureDef.)
:density 3
:friction 0.3
:restitution 0.9
:shape shape))
([] (create-fixture nil)))
(defn- create-body [x y]
(let [b (b2BodyDef.)]
(js-set b :type (.b2_dynamicBody b2Body))
(-> (.position b) (.Set x y))
(defn- create [game body-def fix-def]
(let [body (-> (@game :world) (.CreateBody body-def))]
(.CreateFixture body fix-def)
(defn- wall
([game width height x y] (wall game width height x y nil))
([game width height x y user-data]
(let [fix-def (create-fixture (b2PolygonShape.))
body-def (create-body x y)]
(-> (.shape fix-def) (.SetAsBox width height))
(js-set body-def
:userData user-data
:type (.b2_staticBody b2Body))
(create game body-def fix-def))))
(defn- build-walls [game]
(let [w (@game :center-x)
h (@game :center-y)
dim (/ 200 scale)]
(wall game w dim w (- dim) :ceiling)
(wall game w dim w (+ dim (* 2 h)))
(wall game dim h (- dim) h)
(wall game dim h (+ dim (* 2 w)) h)))
(defn- random-body [x y]
(let [b (create-body x y)
vx (- (* 10 (rand)) 5)]
(js-set b :angle (* 360 (rand))
:linearVelocity (v vx 0)
:angularVelocity (- (* 4 (rand)) 2))))
(defn- create-circle [game x y size]
(create game (random-body x y) (create-fixture (b2CircleShape. size))))
(defn- create-square [game x y size]
(let [fixture (create-fixture (b2PolygonShape.))]
(.SetAsBox (.shape fixture) size size)
(create game (random-body x y) fixture)))
(defn- create-triangle [game x y size]
(let [fixture (create-fixture (b2PolygonShape.))
vertices (nativearray (v (- size) 0) (v size 0) (v 0 (* size (Math/sqrt 3))))]
(.SetAsArray (.shape fixture) vertices)
(create game (random-body x y) fixture)))
(defn- paused? [game] (@game :paused))
(defn- not-paused? [game] (not (paused? game)))
(defn- set-paused [game val] (atom-set game :paused val))
(defn- create-element [game]
(let [randomY (/ (* H (+ 0.2 (* 0.4 (rand)))) scale)
randomX (/ (+ 25 (* (rand) (- W 50))) scale)
type (rand-nth [:circle :square :triangle])
method (keyword (str "create-" (name type)))]
((@game method) game randomX randomY (inc (rand)))))
(defn- maybe-create-element [game]
(let [neg-probability (* 0.97 (Math/pow 0.95 (@game :speed)))]
(if (> (rand) neg-probability) (create-element game))))
(defn- update-speed [game]
(let [domspeed (dom :speedValue)]
(.text domspeed (@game :speed))
(.. domspeed (hide) (slideDown))))
(defn- update-score [game]
(-> (dom :scoreValue) (.text (@game :score))))
(defn- increment-speed [game]
(do (atom-set game :speed (inc (@game :speed)))
(update-speed game)))
(defn- destroy-elements [game]
(let [to-destroy (@game :to-destroy)
new-score (+ (@game :score) (count to-destroy))]
(doseq [b to-destroy] (-> (@game :world) (.DestroyBody b)))
(atom-set game :to-destroy [], :score new-score)
(update-score game)))
(defn- do-tick [game]
(let [w (@game :world)
missing-ticks (@game :ticks-to-speed)]
(if (= 1 missing-ticks)
(do (atom-set game :ticks-to-speed speed-rate)
(increment-speed game))
(atom-set game :ticks-to-speed (dec missing-ticks)))
(if (not (empty? (@game :to-destroy))) (destroy-elements game))
(maybe-create-element game)
(.Step w (/ 1 30) 10 10)
(. w (DrawDebugData))
(. w (ClearForces))))
(defn- tick [game]
(if (and (@game :game-over) (not-paused? game))
(do (set-paused game true)
(. (dom :gameOver) (fadeIn)))
(if (not-paused? game) (do-tick game))))
(defn- animate-world [game]
(let [debug-draw (b2DebugDraw.)]
(doto debug-draw
(.SetSprite (-> (@game :canvas) (.getContext "2d")))
(.SetDrawScale scale)
(.SetLineThickness 1.0)
(.SetFlags (.e_shapeBit b2DebugDraw)))
(-> (@game :world) (.SetDebugDraw debug-draw))
(js/setInterval #(tick game) (/ 1000 30))))
; Resolve doesn't work on clojurescript. Therefore, if we want to get a function from a string, we
; have to make the lookup ourselves.
(defn- add-methods [game-ref]
(assoc game-ref
:create-circle create-circle
:create-square create-square
:create-triangle create-triangle))
(defn- init [game]
(do (dotimes [_ 5] (create-element game))
(atom-set game
:to-destroy []
:paused false
:game-over false
:score 0
:speed 0
:ticks-to-speed speed-rate)))
(defn- pre-solve [game contact manifold]
(if (. contact (IsTouching))
(let [data-x (.. contact (GetFixtureA) (GetBody) (GetUserData))
data-y (.. contact (GetFixtureB) (GetBody) (GetUserData))]
(if (some #(= %1 :ceiling) [data-x data-y])
(atom-set game :game-over true)))))
(defn- contact-listener [game]
(js-set (js/Object.)
:PostSolve empty-fn
:BeginContact empty-fn
:EndContact empty-fn
:PreSolve #(pre-solve game %1 %2)))
(defn- set-contact-listener [game]
(do (.SetContactListener (@game :world) (contact-listener game))
(defn- build-world []
(let [gravity (v 0 10)
doSleep false
world (b2World. gravity doSleep)]
(defn- create-game [canvas]
(let [twiceScale (* 2 scale)]
(-> {:center-x (/ W twiceScale)
:center-y (/ H twiceScale)
:world (build-world)
:canvas canvas
add-methods atom set-contact-listener init)))
(defn- add-to-destroy [game body]
(atom-set game :to-destroy (conj (@game :to-destroy) body)))
(defn- static-body? [body]
(= (. body (GetType)) (.b2_staticBody b2Body)))
(defn- static? [fixture]
(static-body? (. fixture (GetBody))))
(defn- not-has-point? [fixture vec]
(let [shape (. fixture (GetShape))
transform (.. fixture (GetBody) (GetTransform))]
(not (.TestPoint shape transform vec))))
(defn- delete-at [game x y]
(let [mouse-vec (v x y)
aabb (b2AABB.)
delta 0.001
callback (fn [f]
(if (or (static? f) (not-has-point? f mouse-vec)) true
(do (add-to-destroy game (. f (GetBody))) false)))]
(-> (.lowerBound aabb) (.Set (- x delta) (- y delta)))
(-> (.upperBound aabb) (.Set (+ x delta) (+ y delta)))
(-> (@game :world) (.QueryAABB callback aabb))))
(defn- on-click [game x y]
(if (not-paused? game)
(delete-at game (/ x scale) (/ y scale))))
(defn- update-pause-text [game]
(-> (dom :pause)
(.text (if (@game :paused) "Unpause" "Pause"))))
(defn- toggle-pause [game]
(when-not (:game-over @game)
(set-paused game (not-paused? game))
(update-pause-text game)))
(defn- iter-each-body [body func]
(when body
(func body)
(iter-each-body (. body (GetNext)) func)))
(defn- each-body [game func]
(iter-each-body (. (@game :world) (GetBodyList)) func))
(defn- cleanup-world [game]
(each-body game
#(when-not (static-body? %) (.DestroyBody (@game :world) %))))
(defn- restart [game]
(cleanup-world game)
(init game)
(. (dom :gameOver) (hide))
(update-score game)
(update-speed game)
(update-pause-text game)
(defn init-web-app []
(let [game (create-game (get-canvas))]
(-> (dom :pause) (.click #(toggle-pause game)))
(-> (dom :restart) (.click #(restart game)))
(-> (dom :canvas) (.mousedown
(fn [e]
(let [o (. (dom :canvas) (offset))]
(on-click game (- (.pageX e) (.left o)) (- (.pageY e) (.top o)))
(build-walls game)
(animate-world game)))
(jquery init-web-app)