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WebGL implementation of Minecraft written in Coffeescript.
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WebGL implementation of Minecraft written in Coffeescript.

Demo here.

You can read more about the development of this project here


It requires Coffeescript 1.1.3+ (version 1.6.2+ for source maps), and node.js 0.6+

To compile, run:

cake c

The command above will also watch for any changes. If you just wanna compile the files, run:

cake compile

If you wanna see the game locally, you need python, and you run

cake server

which simply runs

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

enabling you to open the game on http://localhost:8000/public/

To run the tests, simply run:

cake spec

The tests are powered by Jasmine, and can also be seen on the browser (useful for debugging) by opening http://localhost:8000/spec/web_runner.html

Coffeescript Source Maps

Make sure you have the latest coffeescript running (see this issue). Your source map file should look like this:

 "version": 3,
 "file": "collision.js",
 "sourceRoot": "..",
 "sources": [
 "names": [],


Created by Daniel Ribeiro. Not affiliated with Mojang. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang.

Released under the MIT License:

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